I combine my communications skills with my appreciation and knowledge of the natural sciences, agriculture, and the arts, working in the areas of

  • education,

  • public outreach,

  • and communications.

I live south of Asheville and work in the region. Most recently, I was a middle school science teacher who wrote when away from the classroom. Prior to that position, I excelled as a research assistant at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (UBC) coordinating and creating content for several science education projects.

I am organized, enthusiastic, and intelligent. Early in 2010 I finished a MSc degree at UBC in Soil Science, where I focused on educating university students in science concepts using multimedia websites.

Prior to my graduate studies at UBC, I spent four years teaching in public schools with

I loved working with students of various ages and backgrounds. To be successful at engaging students, I consistently studied methods to improve my teaching through the incorporation of technology, multiple modes of presenting information, and environmental education into the classroom. I have a MSc in Soil Science and a BA in Literature/English. I am certified to teach grades  6-9 in Science, 6-9 in Social Studies, 6-12 in English/Language Arts, and K-12 in Agriculture.

In addition to teaching, I have worked for several farms and experiential environmental education centers in


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