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Newsletter (produced and edited newsletter; wrote all anonymous articles; completed layout and design)

Single Articles

Scientific posters

Other Nonfiction/Research Writing


  • Land Use Impact Tool (Wrote funding proposal, created content and coordinated project)

  • The Soil Monolith Collection at UBC (Wrote funding proposal, created content and coordinated project)

  • Virtual Soil Lab Modules (Envisioned project and wrote funding proposal)

  • BC Soil Web Collaborative, hosted by PRSSS (Envisioned project, wrote funding proposal, and coordinated project)

  • Soil4Youth (Active, but still in construction mode) interactive, open source site providing lessons and activities for high school science teachers to use with their students (Envisioned project, wrote funding proposal, coordinate entire project, create content, translate content from researchers, and design information architecture/layout of site)

  • Literary Excavations (link to reference of it, though it is no longer published online

Published Research Writing

  • 2011, Natural Sciences Education publication, Integration of Problem-Based Learning and Web-Based Multimedia to Enhance a Soil Management Course, Rachel A. Strivelli, Maja Krzic, Chris Crowley, Saeed Dyanatkar, Arthur A. Bomke, Suzanne W. Simard and Andy Jakoy

  • 2013, Natural Sciences Education publication, Virtual Soil Monoliths: Blending Traditional and Web-Based Educational Approaches. Maja Krzic, Rachel A. Strivelli, Emma Holmes, Stephanie Grand, Saeed Dyanatkar, Les M. Lavkulich, and Chris Crowley

Promotional posters


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