Social media management:

We know that social media drives web traffic. I can help you choose which social media platforms are best for your type of business and how to best engage with your community and your clients there. In 2013 and 2014, small business marketers rated social media content, website articles and eNewsletters among the most used marketing tactics. (Content Marketing Institute)

Grant Writing:

You have a vision for your organization and see what it could be and who you could help, if you had the funds to advance forward. Grant writing is competitive, but rest assured, I’ve got the experience to create an irresistible grant that will stand above the others. I have a very successful track record, with 80% secured and over $200,o00 funded to date. I help with securing funding so that you can expand your business or nonprofit.

I can aid in all aspects of the grant process- from idea generation and clarification, determining is a project fundable, how to articulate your needs and goals in a way that gets funding bodies motivated to help you, grant writing and revising, to reporting once you have secured the grant. Relax and let me manage the grant writing, business plan application and annual review reporting, so that you can focus on the big picture for your organization. I am happy to provide samples of previous funded grants with sensitive information removed upon request.

Web copy:

Is your website conveying who you really are to your customers? Is it converting visitors to your site into customers? If you’re not sure or if the answer is no, you need to refresh and reenergize the web copy on your site. Let me give your site a verbal facelift that will have your website converting more visitors into customers.


Blog posts:

Fresh and current content brings people to your site and keeps them there engaging with you. Whether you need some short micro-blogging posts or longer article-type posts, I write your content. I will use keywords specific to your industry, which will  help boost your exposure and bring you more customers. Contact me to discuss topics, tone, length and other details you desire for your business blog.



Do you have an article, paper or speech that you need edited for  Let me review the grammar, structure and syntax for you. I can tailor your piece to the style and tone that your audience needs.


Newsletter and eNewsletter writing, editing, idea generation, etc.

I can help you connect your business to your customers more frequently. You can keep engaged by sending newsletters and/or posting to your website keyword-rich articles that speak to your audience’s needs.


Other writing needs that I can fulfill:

Grant writing, Business plan application, Research writing, and Annual reports.


Contact me for more information and to discuss your needs and goals. Email rachelstrive @


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